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Over the course of this nearly two-hour program, Mickelson demonstrates putting, chipping using his advocated "hinge and hold" method, bunker play, and his signature "flop shot." In an entertaining segment, he also demonstrates two specialty shots, a "Two Balls in Bunker" shot (don’t try this at home) and the "Backward Over-the-Head" shot. The demonstrations are repeated in slow-motion and seen from a variety of angles. This program is for the serious golfer, but beginners need not feel too intimidated. Mickelson is a natural in front of the camera and is able to impart a lot of information in a relaxed style that makes even the most advanced concepts accessible. As one golf commentator exults during one of the dramatic highlights clips included as a bonus feature, this is as good as it gets. Phil Mickelson, winner of 34 PGA Tour events, teams with Emmy Award-winning producer-director Terry Jastrow for Secrets of the Short Game, a two-disc DVD focusing on all shots played from 50 yards. "The goal here," says Mickelson, "is to help golfers build a foundation so that their practice time directly correlates to improved scoring on the golf course."

DVD Table of Contents:

•Putting Section 
◦General Principles of Putting
◦The Stroke
◦To Forward Press or Not
◦Aiming the Putter
◦Phil’s Basic Putting Concept
◦3-Foot Circle Drill
◦6-Foot Circle Drill
◦Reading the Putt
◦Long Putts - 40, 50, 60-Foot
◦Putting Drill
•Chipping Section 
◦Phil’s Basic Chip Shot
- "Hinge & Hold" 
◦"Hinge & Hold" Method
- To Bring Ball in Softly 
◦"Hinge & Hold" and Lob Shot
- Faults and Cures 
◦Low Running Shots 
◦Consider Your Options
- When to Chip / Putt
◦Playing from the Rough
- Ball Sitting Down
- Ball Sitting Up
- Running Shot 
◦Longer Chip Shots
◦30-Yard Shot / 50-Yard Shot


•Flop Shot Section 
◦Phil’s Flop Shot / Spinning Flop Shot
•Bunker Play Section 
◦General Bunker Play
◦Uphill / Downhill Lies
◦Buried Lies
◦Longer Bunker Shots
•Specialty Shots Section 
◦"Two Balls in Bunker" Shot
◦"Backward, Over-the-Head" Shot
•Using the LazrAimer
•Phil’s Closing Comments
•Bonus Segments 
◦Phil’s Most Memorable Short Game Moment
◦Behind the Scenes