Butch Harmon - Ultimate Golf DVD

$AUD 59.95 each


Butch Harmon's Ultimate Golf Series complete three volume set is now available on one DVD. Each volume of the series has been divided into chapters and subchapters that can be used as individual learning segments. Navigational tools make it easy to access and use each segment.


Short and Sweet
Butch Harmon teaches all aspects of the short game, including chipping, putting, and course management. His friendly approach to the game will produce a clear, concise, and easy to follow program to help you as he has helped the best players in the world, including Tiger Woods

Power Play
Every golfer has power.. the hard part is finding it. In Power Play, Butch Harmon imparts to you the same instruction that the most powerful golfers in the world use everyday. Through simple lessons and drills, Butch will help unleash the power you never knew you had. Equally important is being accurate with those powerful shots. A long shot in the middle of the fairway not only puts you in position to scores, but it's also a lot of fun! Butch's proven methods to distance and accuracy will give you a priceless confidence in your power game and ultimately lower your scores

Course IQ
In Course I.Q., Butch, accompanied by his son Claude Harmon III, conveys to you his knowledge of effectively managing the golf game. While actually playing, the Harmons will guide you through different management situations, help you to recognize solutions, and give you tips to successfully pull off common shots. Course I.Q. offers a rare opportunity to "pick the brain" of one of go