Golf is a target game, granted distance must be overcome but it is distance to a precise location. Although scoring in the game is determined by a high percentage of other skills other than the full swing, golfers tend to get caught up in the technical swinging motion.

Is aim important? Consider this; a perfect swing made in the wrong direction will produce a most imperfect shot. Timing, rhythm, speed and square contact are of little value unless they produce a shot that travels towards the target. What a waste to make a good swing and come up with a bad shot because of faulty aim.

To aim correctly we first need to know the correct sequence of aiming correctly. I believe the best sequence which will give you a consistent and repeatable aim is starting with VISUALISATION, CLUB FACE then BODY.

Weather playing an iron or a wood, the aiming process should start at some point away from the ball, preferably behind it. Visualizing the shot the player is about to play is the first step in aiming. Visualizing the desired shot will help produce the correct aim. When playing a shot generally your target will be some distance away from you, so here is a procedure to put into play. Draw a line from the direction the ball is to start, back to the ball. Pick a spot on that line somewhere three to six feet in front of the ball so the leading edge of the club is square to the spot out in front of the ball. It may be a divot mark, some discoloured grass or a broken tee. When we speak of “aiming the body” we are referring to the alignment of the various body parts in relation to the target. Aiming the body is more difficult than aiming the clubface. Our feet, thighs, hips, waist and shoulders should all be parallel to our target line. This means your body will be just left of the target for a right hand player.

Aiming is a very important and simple fundamental of golf. Just remember next time you’re playing golf and you hit a bad shot, don’t be quick to blame your swing, make sure your aim was correct first.